Exercise safely & confidently under the guidance of a health professional. Prescription of the appropriate exercises and with the correct exercise technique is of paramount importance & specific to each individual’s needs.

About Our Gym

Studies have shown that staying physically active and exercising regularly can help delay or even prevent the onset of many diseases and disabilities, such as heart disease, high blood pressure diabetes and arthiritis.

Moderate exercise for seniors have also shown to elevate mood, manage stress, increase cognitive function, help battle insomnia and reduce feelings of depression.

Penny (Receptionist and Gym Supervisor ) collaborates with Sally (Principal Physiotherapist) to modify movements to create a personalised program. We understand the unique psychological and physiological needs of our clients to exercise effectively in a safe environment.

Who can use our gym?

Omokoroa Physiotherapy Gym is the first of it’s kind in Omokoroa and is not only utilised by clients for rehabilitation purposes, but is also available for public use after an initial physiotherapy assessment.  We provide physiotherapy based individual assessment and exercise prescription, and provide a range of exercise equipment and a comfortable environment to help you achieve your goals!

Gym Hours

Mon  Tues Thurs Fri  8:30am – 4:30pm

Wed 8:30am -12pm


What Does it Cost ?

Gym costs:

Initial Assessment: $100.00

Gym Sessions: $10.00 per session** (10 session concession cards are available at $85)

What Equipment do you have?
  • Exercycles
  • Multi gym
  • Free weights/benches
  • Swiss ball area
  • Mat based exercise area
  • Resistance and proprioceptive equipment.
Do I Get an Exercise Program?

Everyone who uses our gym gets an exercise program that is customised for their needs and to achieve their goals.